This is me.

A social entrepreneur from Toronto who believes there is so much more to humanity than the way we live. I’m not exceptionally intelligent or talented, but I’m inquisitive and ask a ton of questions. I’m also the founder of a social business called Styles By Niche. An organization on a mission to inspire confidence and change the lives of people. I no longer accept anything at face value, from the education system to the true strength of my species.

The objective of this blog is to begin to give you a broader perspective on what it means to be human. To get you thinking that perhaps all the people we categorize as successful didn’t just get lucky, or aren’t just individual success stories. Maybe, just maybe, they tapped into a level of human potential that most of us seldom access, because we’re too busy focused on the wrong things. Could we have missed something?

That said…welcome to my world.


**If you’d like to submit an idea for a posting or would like to reach out to me in any way (I’d love to hear from you), email me at notyethumanblog@gmail.com.

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