On Sunday my organization, Inspired Initiatives, hosted a rally called A Social Engagement. We’re a group of young people crazy enough to believe they can change the world bring a message of inspiration and empowerment to the streets of Toronto. The mission is simple; empower people to tap into what makes us human. We all left inspired by just listening to the story of others. We saw something profound at the Engagement on Sunday. We encouraged people to talk about what motivated them, what they were passionate about. Just genuinely getting to know them. One thing we found was that once they started, they would not stop.

We also realized some other interesting things. We belong to a world that’s taken over by social media. A platform that essentially allows you to say whatever you want, whenever you want. The problem is, everyone is doing the same thing. So the space becomes convoluted and people’s voices gets drowned out. So when our team went out and did that old school our grandparents use to talk about – listened – it meant the world to people. A lady named Barbara had been so gracious enough to say ‘what you guys are doing here is incredible, the fact that you’re not trying to sell anything, or shove a product down our throat. You’re just here to listen means so much. God bless you guys.’

Just because I’m hearing you talk, doesn’t mean I’m listening. Moral of the story: yes everyone is trying to say something nowadays, but let’s listen more and talk less. As I’m sure your grandmother use to say ‘you have two ears and one mouth for a reason’

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