Not Everyone’s A Dreamer

Here’s something very interesting:

There’s a shift happening in our culture. We’re moving into becoming a ‘feel-good’ society where everyone is promoting ‘yea follow your dreams’ or ‘yea pursue your passion, because you’ll live your life happier’. However, no one really speaks to the real significance of passion and dreams. No one really talks about what happens when it becomes a apart of the human experience.

If you listen carefully you’ll note that many of those things MLK ‘saw’, didn’t exist at that time. And the one thing that allows us to think of something that doesn’t exist or imagine something we may not have never experienced is our imagination. MLK didn’t predict the future, he created it. Dreams give you the power to do that. Because a dream is our imagination creating a focal point in the future giving our effort direction. Dreams aren’t so much things we desire to have, but futures we desire to create.

So think about your life now. Is your effort pointed towards the focal point created by your imagination? Or do you live your life driving around with an unknown destination?

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