Misconception of Passion

Misconception of Passion

The mistake that we make is that we define passion to be the ‘thing’ we’re interested in. So we’ll say stuff like ‘my passion is music’, or ‘my passion is business”. But thats not what passion is. We confuse passion to be the ‘interest’, when in fact they’re two separate entities. Passion is a capacity that we’re all born with. So when people say they want to ‘find or discover their passion’, what they’re really saying is they want to find the interest that will ignite the passion laying dormant inside them.

The Passionate Life is a workshop that will give you a completely different perspective on passion. It will show you how passion at its core is designed to take our lives to the next level, if we learn how to tap into it.

For more details and registration visit here:

Spots are filling up.

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