Leadership Series

Leadership Series

I find that in many companies today, there are a lot of great managers (and poor ones), but also some really horrible leaders. I often say that we blur the line between management and leadership. They are not the same.

I work for a company that focuses on training managers and does nothing with developing the leader in them. Granted not everyone may have what it takes to be an effective leader, but I believe that there are certain principles of leadership that many people can apply on the job, especially those in management positions.

At my workplace, I got tired of complaining that there are no effective leaders within the company and for the most part there are just mediocre managers. So I decided to launch a program, that focused on developing leaders within my restaurant, and not just training people to become managers. And because I primarily work with young people it is great that leadership skills are being instilled in them at this point in there life.

I’ve decided to open this program up to other managers that want to make that transition from being mediocre managers or bosses to effective leaders. Simply because, as companies begin to tap into the potential of their people more and more, managers need to learn to manage talent and inspire action; not demand it. And that is at the cornerstone of leadership.

More details to follow as to locations, and I’m going to try and make sure it will be free of charge. 🙂

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