Passion Testimony | Your story has the power to inspire

Passion Testimony | Your story has the power to inspire

Come to Dreams & Cocktails with your Passion Testimony. Guests will have the opportunity to share the story and journey behind their passion. They will get a chance to open up about obstacles, share some advice with things they may have overcome, talk about where they want to go next and allow their story to inspire others.

If you don’t want to give your Passion Testimony that’s no problem, but remember that someone could be stuck in a rut and your story may be what inspires them to overcome.

Too often we minimize the power behind our stories, but perhaps what you went through to discover your passion was something very similar to what I’m going through? But I can’t seem to figure it out. Don’t underestimate your passion testimony. It’s about creating an environment of support and inspiration. Share your Passion Testimony at Dreams & Cocktails.

Procrastinators, purchase your tickets ASAP!!! Save yourself some money. Don’t wait to pay at the door.

Purchase tickets here:
Email for other options.

You are guaranteed to leave inspired!!

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