A Must Read For Goal Oriented People!!!

A Must Read For Goal Oriented People!!!

This one’s for all the goal setters out there!!!! Have you ever set a goal for yourself and at first, everything was going great, but you didn’t realize that inspiration was a feeling. And we all know that feelings easily fade, as fast as they can be conjured up. Think about it. When you’re inspired for a moment, this ‘creative genius’ comes over you, and it’s as though ideas, thoughts, and creativity just pour out? You see a lot of us have great ideas, but the issue resides in the follow-through. It’s when we get back home and realize that it isn’t just going to happen on its own, you actually have to ‘do’ something. Or perhaps it’s because we don’t get constant reminders and our goals get lost amongst all the other stuff we have to think about? Well we’ve got you covered. The team behind Dreams & Cocktails is committed to helping guests out with this problem.

We’re helping you find your PFF! A PFF is a BFF for passionate individuals. Finding your PFF at Dreams & Cocktails, means you have found an accountability partner. Your PFF will help you in remaining consistent and committed when the ‘feeling’ has faded. Everyone would love to have a support system in place that cheers them on at every new milestone, but many of us don’t have that. So Dreams & Cocktails provides a platform to help you build your own network of supportive individuals. Guests who believe they have found their PFF will have an opportunity to exchange their PFF wristbands – which they will receive upon arrival – along with their PFF card to the person of interest. You’ll know you’ve found your PFF when the conversation is natural and that person seems genuinely interested in what you’re doing. Another cool thing is that you’re not limited to just one PFF. If you want, you can have multiple. This way you build your own network of support in your life. But our note of caution is to be sure you can manage all of them. PFFs are encouraged to chat once every two weeks to update each other on the progress towards their goal and share ideas. You and your PFF will create your own schedule and decide how often you update each other, and what method to use; email, text, phone. Trust us, you’re going to have fun with this one!!!

Date: Sunday, April 28th 2013
Time: Doors Open at 5:00pm
Location: Dazzling Lounge (291 King St West, Toronto, Ontario)
Early Bird Tickets: $15.00 (Available March 1st – 20th)
Advancee: $20.00
Door: $25.00

Purchase tickets here: http://www.dreamsandcocktails.eventbrite.ca

Hors d’ouevres will be served

For more info:
http://www.stylesbyniche.com | stylesbyniche@gmail.com | 647.328.6402

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