Dreams & Cocktails: What’s Your Thing?

Dreams & Cocktails: What's Your Thing?

What’s that thing that makes you come alive? What’s that thing that wakes you up in the morning? What’s that thing that sets your soul on fire? What’s your thing?

Dreams & Cocktails is networking redefined. It’s a platform to share what makes you come alive. It’s an environment that sparks innovation, ignites dreams and leaves you inspired. Dreams & Cocktails is about passion, and connecting people on the level of their passion. You don’t need a business, a business card or even a website. All you need is a passion, a dream or a desire for either. We believe something powerful happens when passion becomes an integral piece to the human experience. It is a resource that we have access too but don’t fully understand, thus causing us to miss out on opportunities to truly come alive.

In many ways our freedom rests within our passion. Passion is to humanity, like books and reading was to slaves. It gave them access to their imagination, which allowed them to construct a world outside of the one they were living in. Once mentally free, no amount of physical chains could take away that freedom. It is frequently said ‘people are slaves to money’, but we are not so much slaves to money, as we are to those who control it. But what passion does is shift your focus from money, towards the intrinsic value of what you’re doing. So money now becomes a byproduct of the pursuit and not the end.

To further express our commitment to inspiring confidence, we will be donating a portion of ticket sales to The Remix Project, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people across the GTA. Dreams & Cocktails isn’t just about developing the individual that attends; it is about building the community. By attending Dreams & Cocktails you become a benefactor and an investor into someone else’s future. (www.theremixproject.ca)

If you haven’t purchased your ticket, do so NOW!! You do not want to miss this!!!

For more info:
stylesbyniche@gmail.com | http://www.stylesbyniche.com

For tickets:

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