See Beyond The Dollar

See Beyond The Dollar

Just an FYI, for those beginning to pursue their passion, don’t think you have to automatically start charging. Learn to capitalize on unpaid opportunities. Use freebies as an opportunity to perfect your craft and build connections. Yes it may be time consuming, but you need to think strategy. Consider the opportunities that you’re establishing for the future. Do what you love it and it will never seem like work. I can’t describe the amount of paid positions, job offers, paid opportunities that are pouring in now; because I capitalized on the unpaid opportunities and didn’t wait around until someone was willing to pay me for me to do what I loved. People laughed before because I was involved in so many things and not getting paid, but I had a strategy.

There’s always more free opportunities than paid ones, take advantage of the free ones, when there’s no paid ones available. Because at the end of the day, it’s what you love to do. If you’re starting out as a DJ and you don’t have many paid opportunities, take free ones. If you want to do event planning, don’t put yourself on that pedestal where you can’t plan an event for free at the beginning. Be strategic. Go in with a plan. Use it to build connections and use it as an opportunity to develop yourself. Learn to capitalize on the unpaid opportunities. Think beyond the dollar.

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