Proud Of My Humanity

Proud Of My Humanity

I can’t even express to you all how proud I am of myself. I’ve never put on a workshop before, I was never taught, I never used PowerPoint, rarely speak in public, but I didn’t let any of that stop me. I put on a workshop and the people left exactly they way I intended. With their eyes open and them seeing that there’s a world pulled over their eyes. It was incredible!!!

Dangers are real, but fear is a CHOICE. How much more can we accomplish if we begin to move out of our comfort zone. How much more can we accomplish if we no longer accept fear as one of our instinctual responses?

We are human. And though we have our weaknesses we also have our strengths. Why can we physically be a weaker species but still be at the top of the food chain? Or still be the dominant species? Because we have the power of the mind. We are able to manipulate elements around us, we are able to fly into space, we are able to split an atom we can’t even see with the naked eye, we are able to create weapons that can destroy the entire planet we live on. So why do we say there’s fears I can’t overcome? Look at yourself as being weak, and that’s what you’ll be. Look at yourself as being able to do anything you put your mind to, and that’s what you’ll be able to accomplish. The power is in your mind. And we haven’t even tapped into its power yet. And I will keep on annoying you all until you begin to see that you are so much more powerful than the job you’re working in. And that your job or profession is not where your humanity ends.

Again, I am so proud of myself. And look forward to the next workshop. Hope to see y’all there.

P.S. That photo is a picture of the workbook. Rather than have the participants write everything down, we gave them a Dreamers Album, which was summaries of the content discussed in graphical format. Pictures are worth a thousand words right!!!


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