Vital Signs Absent!!

Vital signs are often taken by health professionals in order to assess the most basic body functions. The four things they examine are: temperature, respiratory, blood pressure and heart rate. When a health professional declares ‘vital signs absent ‘ on a person, it means they no longer exhibit signs of life. Many of us are like this. But how do we become revived?

There’s a phrase in the trailer that is key; ‘become more human’. Passion does the same thing for humanity as that strong human connection did for R. It brings us to life. It gives us something to live for. It allows us to tap into a level of human potential that we seldom access. Don’t believe me? Just think about all the pivotal moments throughout the history of man, and see whether or not they were birthed out of someones passion. It seems like people who have a sense of purpose always seem to be the ones who get the most done, no? What about the rest of us then?

There are a lot of people walking around on this planet, who are physically alive but mentally they’re dead. They have no vital signs. Just following a routine of waking up, eating, going to work, eating, sleep and then repeating the next day. Never tapping into any intellectual power because they don’t have too. Many of the jobs we’re in, just want us to ‘do’. Not think, not question, not be creative. Just DO. But there must be something more to life than what we are currently doing. I believe we come more alive when we begin to flirt with passion.

For myself, after I created my passion for business, I found a job that aligned with it, and for two years I never felt like I was working. I always felt as though I was getting paid to learn. I never called in sick, never missed a day. I absolutely loved what I did, because it was so aligned with my passion. While others just saw it as a job, I saw it as an opportunity to dig deeper into what it was I was passionate about. I surpassed several people who have been there for years prior to me getting hired. I got promoted before them. Not because I was any more talented then them, but because I was motivated. I went on to surpass the very people that trained me. And I’m not saying this to boast, I’m saying it to show the power of being motivated and passionate. It wasn’t about money. I had no issues living below my means, or working for minimum wage. I was intrinsically motivated by what I was doing. I began to recognized for all things I was doing, but I din’t care about that! I did it because I loved it. And that was when I was at my most productive.

So my tip to you all would be to begin to explore your passion. If you don’t know what your passion is, that’s ok too. Understand that passion isn’t always something discovered, it can be created by 1) exposure and 2) digging deeper into a particular subject. You don’t have to quit your full-time to pursue your passion, build it on the side. At the very least to keep you sane, give you something to look forward too. I know someone who has a full time job, and prior to really pursuing her passion, she would always tell you “I don’t have any time to do anything”, but when she began to pursue her passion, she found time and she began to do it on the side. She loves event planning and she would come home from a full day of work and begin to work on the events she was planning, until all hours in the morning. And then wake up and go to work after a few hours of sleep. And she loved it. Event planning began to fill her thoughts. She doesn’t get paid for putting on events right now, but to her it’s all good, because it’s not about the money. You see we have been trained to evaluate things based on monetary gain. So if my passion doesn’t yield any monetary return, then I shouldn’t waste time. But we adopt this mentality because we don’t understand what passion does to us. We place our passion in the same box as we place a profession or occupation, but it’s not. People who are passionate are intrinsically motivated. There’s a quote that says “ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

I’m going to write another blog post about pursuing your passion on the side, because I believe there is a huge misconception that ‘pursuing your passion’ means no money, no stable job, not realistic etc. And this is so far from the truth. Albert Einstein had an occupation as a Patent Office Clerk, but his passion was physics which he pursued on the side. Did you know that he wrote four of what is believed to be some of his most important work in his ‘spare time’? Your day should not be governed by your profession, or work. Just because the work day is done, doesn’t mean your day is over. You still have 16 hours left in the day, what else are you doing with it? Einstein put it towards physics and look at what was birthed from it. Thank you Einstein.

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