What Makes You Come Alive?

Come Alive!!! What's Your Element?

But how? How do I come alive in an environment where my capacity is limited to following a set of instructions? Where do I start? What does it look like?

Most of us are so use to walking around dead. No vital signs, or better yet, no signs of life. And we accept it. Most of us don’t even know where to start, what resources are available. Or have no idea what it feels like to come alive.

One thing I would suggest is to start by looking at what makes other people come alive. Observe other people when they are doing exactly what they feel they were born to do. Check out youtube videos, there’s plenty. There’s a difference between what we’re talented at and what makes us come alive. My talent may not do that too me, but my passion will.

If you feel a jolt of inspiration or motivation from watching someone else do ‘their thing’, then something in you is telling you ‘that can be you’. Allow their inspiration to inspire you!

The world just doesn’t need people who have come alive for the sake of coming alive. It’s because these are the people that often create change. The people who have come alive are the people who often ‘WOW’ us. It’s humanity on another level. It’s human who are intrinsically motivated. Money, fame, power all take a back seat to the intrinsic value of whatever it is being done.

What makes you come alive? What is it in your life that makes time stop when you’re doing it? What gives you a level of focus that your employer would love for you to have? What makes you feel free? When you find it, do it. Because when you become alive, you inspire others to become alive.

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