Passion Unveiled

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There’s a world that’s been pulled over our eyes. A world that is designed to make us believe that we are drones; mindless, thoughtless creatures of robotic routine. Wake up, work, come home and sleep. And repeat the same cycle the next day. Nowhere in this cycle are we given an opportunity to be who we were designed to be. This world suppresses our potential as human beings. Imagine a bird who was designed to fly but has broken wings. Humans are not designed to live mediocre, but we do. We were not built to be enslaved, but we are. It is often said that ‘people are slaves to money’, but here’s what I believe. That we are not so much slaves to money as we are slaves to those that control the money. I believe slavery still exists, it just goes by another name. It’s no longer with physical chains and whips, it’s now mental bondage. You don’t have to hold a gun to my head and force me to work for you. You’ve trained me from when I was a child, from the moment I stepped into Junior Kindergarten to shift my focus on to money. To see money as the most practical end. When I was a child I did things for the intrinsic value of it, but now my focus is shifted towards money as the incentive or reward. So why would you have to force me to work, when you’ve trained me to believe that what you can provide me is the most important resource I’ll ever have? People are not slaves to money, they have become slaves to those that provide it.

But passion is the key to our freedom. Passion is to humanity, what books and reading was too slaves. Reading books allowed slaves to access their imaginations. And it was their imagination that allowed them to see outside of the world they were living in. Once a slave was mentally free, no amount of physical chains could take away that freedom. You see what passion does is shift your focus away from the money (or the thing that can be controlled) and pulls it towards the intrinsic value of the thing itself. And so now you’re not waking up every morning to do dreading to work. You’re waking up to do what you love. So money now becomes a byproduct and not the end result. Passion has broken the chains. The misconception to pursuing your passion is that I will become jobless or have no security, but if I’m passionate about animals, who says I can’t get a job at a zoo? The idea is to know what your passion is and create your own freedom by ensuring it aligns with the job you have, so that you will never have to ‘work’ a day in your life.

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